Alfa Aldea Natural Planetary Tour

The quality of the sky of the Region of Coquimbo is recognized worldwide. Alfa Aldea is a natural observatory that receives tours everyday of approximately 45 people, who share a day called "Astronomical Tertulia" meeting that lasts for more than an hour in the La Viñita sector in Vicuña.

As you listen in on some astronomical talks, participants can share a cocktail of local products such as nuts, wines, beers, pisco sour, juices, and more
Later, we will move to an outdoor amphitheater located in the middle of vineyards where we will receive that perfect environmental blend that makes the Elqui Valley a unique place in the world; the song of the crickets, the night and the cosmos merge into a mystical scenario that delights all visitors.

The astronomical talks are interactive where children and adults participate, who by correctly answering some questions win gifts. In addition, we can taste the wine Falernia an elquino brew made with grapes grown exclusively in their vineyards in the Elqui Valley. This drink is suitable for children and adults.

It includes:

  • Transfer from the passenger's home or accommodation to the astronomical observatory
  • Observation with telescope by a guide (in small groups)
  • Return of passengers to their home or accommodation.

Important notes:

  • In case the passenger is outside the radius of home retreats, a lower surcharge will be made
  • Wear warm clothing
  • The realization of this tour depends exclusively on the weather conditions. Our agency will confirm with the observatory the feasibility of the activity.

Price per person:

  • Cash: $ 25,000.-
  • Debit: $ 25,500.-
  • Credit: $ 26,000.-


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