Collowara Observatory Tour

The Collowara Observatory is located at 1,300 meters above sea level on the summit of Churque Hill, near the city of Andacollo, Coquimbo Region. Area recognized by the world astronomical community for possessing one of the best skies for observation of space.

The name "Collowara" in the Aymara language means "Land of Stars", the name of this observatory arose from a public contest that was held among the inhabitants of the commune.

The visit to the Collowara Observatory takes about 4 hours, from the time you leave your home or lodging until you return to the starting point.

In the visit there are specialized guides, with support of audiovisual rooms that show the sky in real time, and then move to the terraces where you can appreciate the planets and constellations, finally ending in the central dome.

It includes:

  • Transfer from the passenger's home or accommodation to the astronomical observatory
  • Observation with telescope by a guide (in small groups)
  • Return of passengers to their home or accommodation.

Important notes:

  • In case the passenger is outside the radius of home retreats, a lower surcharge will be made
  • Wear warm clothing
  • The realization of this tour depends exclusively on the weather conditions. Our agency will confirm with the observatory the feasibility of the activity.

Price per person:

  • Cash: $ 25,000.-
  • Debit: $ 25,500.-
  • Credit: $ 26,000.-


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