Paragliding Tour

At some point in time, we have wished to fly, to close our eyes and feel the sensation of freedom in air. As if we feel as we’re conquering a new and wonderful territory and that our only thought is how high can we soar.

The feeling of flying is incredible, feeling how our feet lift off of the earth and go out to the edge of the hills and the city enjoying. A privileged view is what we offer you in this journey.

This injection of pure adrenaline can be achieved through paragliding, where a team of experienced and certified pilots will guide your journey through this fabulous activity which will make you enjoy the greatest heights.

It includes:

  • Transfer from the passenger's home or lodging (round trip)
  • Guides that will offer flight information


  • Exit between
  • Return between

Important note:

In the event that the passenger is outside the radius of home retreats, a minor additional charge will be made.

Price per person:

  • $65.000 clp.

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